excel formula range

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    Want to concatenate 10 TextBox.Values from a userform in an excel cell-specific column

    Hello, I am requesting assistance from RoyUK; a lot of your post has helped me and I'm urgently needing your assistance...of course this is open to anyone else who can assist. I'm not an "expert" with VBA but know enough to be dangerous, which is dangerous :eeek: At any rate, I have a...
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    Convert simple formulas into vba code for range cells

    Hi friends, I have to convert formula into vba code for a range cell for Eg:formula for a single cell Say C2 = LEFT(L2,FIND(" ",L2,1)-1); I want to put this formula into vba code for range cells say C2:C I know this Is Simple but I'm very new to this! Any Help Thanks in Advance......
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    Using Excel to Calculate Layers

    I need to calculate layers within numbers (currency.) Using Excel, how can I have it return the calculations as in this example: Three Known Values: $956,132 $12,336 $236,000 What part of each value is </= $25,000? What part of each value is > $25,000 and </= $100,000? What part of each...

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