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  1. A

    importing data in excel from external source and autorefresh every 15 min. enabled but not getting data refreshed

    I have imported data from external source, that data gets automatic refresh after 15 minutes I have such 10 sheets in one workbook. when I am trying for 5 sheets it works very well but when i try for 10 sheets in one workbook it just shows "connecting to web" and does nothing. kindly help with...
  2. bricol13

    Convert Text Data Queries to use Excel file as source file

    I have various workbooks that I've used for years to import data from .csv (text) files that were downloaded from my company system. These were run using buttons and Querytable Refresh macros, and worked beautifully, omitting unwanted data, maintaining my formats and updating/inserting...
  3. S

    Excel Integration with proe/Creo tolerances

    Hello Im trying to integrate Excel with proe wildfire.4 and able to export the dimensions to Excel Sheet. But when i try to link a dimension with tolerance limit only the Mean Dimension getting Imported. Is there any way i can import tolerance also from 3D Model to Excel?
  4. N

    browse and open a .dat file and import data into active sheet itself and not open a new workbook

    i have a workbook name as ColorDB and 2 sheets inside that workbook. The Sheets are named as "CNT" and the other one as "PPB". I have a macro button inserted onto the "PPB" sheet. when i click that macro button , i would like to browse and open a .dat file and import the data onto the same sheet...
  5. N

    Importing from password protection. Site

    Is there a way I can import data from a site that require a password to access it , my boss gave me two site Nlaride.com and Avinode.com from me to import the directory , there is almost 3000 listing and I need to have it done by 5:30 today web query will not retrieve The listing , is there...
  6. R

    Import to Excel from Access table based on parameters

    Hi All- I am attempting to create a template that will utilize data from an Access table, and allow the user to select the parameters in the Excel file. The amount of records in this table is slowing down the Excel file, and I would like to lessen the amount of data that is imported based on...
  7. S

    Import data from excel file

    I want to import couple of excel files in my data. Below are the details of 1 of the excel file. I would like to have a simple VB code or some macro or query to import the data<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Excel File Name...

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