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    VBA to Create Outlook Folders from a List of Folder Names in Excel

    Hi Folks, Basic aim I am looking to automate the adding of new email folders to Outlook 2016 for new jobs that come into our office. We are using Microsoft outlook 2016 through a MS 365 contract on an exchange server controlled by Microsoft. Detail I have created an excel model for...
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    VBA code, I have seen this before but I need help open workbook and get cell value close workbook

    I am using Excel 2010, I have the file path + filename Column A (all excel files), file path Column B, file name Column C. I need to paste multiple cell values from the list in column A into Columns D, E, F, G etc. The VBA code for the file list is from this GREAT site: Let strArr(i, 1) =...
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    Problems creating an ordered list in Excel

    hi, I am making a ladder for a sporting club in excel and in doing so i am using the INDEX and MATCH functions in conjunction with the LARGE function to produce the list. It works well until 2 teams have the same score, then only the first team the computer finds is displayed for 2 positions on...

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