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    How to Create installer for the excel add in and UDF created in c#?

    Hi Everyone,I have created the excel project with Ribbon & UDF in c#. It works perfect when I build the solution or debug from VS 2010. Now I need to create a installer for this project. I have created a installer using setup wizard in VS 2010. When I open Excel, the ribbon loaded successfully...
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    VB.NET Print Excel Sheet to Specific IP / Network Printer Name

    Hi All I have been looking for a long time for a solution for what I thought would be a simple issue..... In my program I am opening an Excel template via Interop populating the required information and then trying to send the file to print to a specific printer. After being unable to find a...
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    Macro to generate a c++ header file using excel

    Hi all, I am new to this foruma nd it looks great for me :) I am thinking to make a excel file which can generate a headre file for my c++ source file. Previoulsy we used to generate .h files using excel but i dont know the logic behind that(Hope some macros using for that). MY header file...
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    Excel Multiple Instances - (1) VB.NET API Excel Interface app (2) Excel VBA coded program app

    Hello All, My First Post but trust a freaking long time user. :) OK so this is a new one for me and I always seem to get the fun stuff. I have a simple Excel VBA Workbook program that has worked fine up till now just using its internal calculations. However, recently a rigorous program...
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    Lookup a value from a range of dates in excel

    I have two tables. A list of accounts and the other is a change log. I need to add a new column in table 1 where the value is the amount in table 2 for the correct account and correct validity period. Please help
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    Excel : SeriesCollection : Purpose and usage

    Hi there, how do you work with Excel.SeriesCollection ? What is the purpose of it ? Why there is only an Add() method, and no Delete() method ? Thanks in advance,
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    Get reference to Excel applications using .net and C#

    Hi, I have been trying to get a reference to Excel applications using oExcelApp = (Excel.Application)System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.GetActiveObject("Excel.Application"); in C#. This is so that I can use code to automatically save any open workbooks & close the first Excel application...

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