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    Index and Match Formula

    I have a workbook that contains about 6 different spreadsheets. One of the sheets is supposed to be a summary of all the others. The only thing in common on all the spreadsheets is a unique identifier which is in column C. From what I have read it appears that I need to use index and match type...
  2. B

    SUMIFS and Excel 2003

    Dear All, I've created a spreadsheet with numerous SUMIFS formulas (1,475 to be exact) When I rolled it out to the rest of the company it was soon discovered that they had Excel 2003 not Excel 2007 like myself. Consequently it doesn't work. My desire to change 1,475 cells to a sumproduct...
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    MSAccess reports into Excel - Version issue?

    We have an MSAccess reporting system with preset queuries and macros that dump reports and format them into Excel. I have a user who is claiming that the report when processing into Excel 2000, takes about 20 minutes in total on his machine. However, when I run the same report on my machine...

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