1. A

    Combining Two Data Sets

    Hi Folks, I'm in need of your expertise here:giggle: I have two data sets as follows : 1- Data containing all kinds of movements of fleet vehicles (including Business Trips, To/from workshops, test drives etc.) 2- Containing the info. on Business Trips with Locations (for business Trips only)...
  2. P

    VBA code to select the bottom left cell of my table!!!!

    Hi so I have a table on an excel sheet and I am trying to get the table to add a new row, then select the leftmost cell in that new row (because I have a userform and that's where I want to start inputting the data). Here is my code so far.: Private Sub cmdADD_Click( )...
  3. A

    Spreadsheet Help

    Hi I am after some help if possible. I have a spread sheet where on 1 tab I have columns of data. However on another tab I have the main part for these. One Tab 1 - I want to add values in each CEL and then it update on Tab 2 going down the list. This is for budgeting Hard to explain I...
  4. M

    Excel Formula Help - need excel to look up a text and sum all values that have that text in multiple rows and columns

    I am hoping someone could help me with an excel function I am struggling with. I have two tables one in sheet one and one in sheet two (as shown below). I want to generate an excel formula that will sum all the values for Q1 - Q4 that match each fruit name in the summary table on sheet 2. So...
  5. H

    Urgent Excel Formula Help Needed!

    Hi Guys, I am trying to develop a formula which can help me do the following: 1. Looks up for two specific values in two separate columns 2. Looks for the first value in a third column and also looks for the second value in a fourth value 3. If both the first value and second value are found...
  6. S

    Display values from 2 sheet in 1 sheet

    Hi All, I have a excel, containing 2 sheets Sheet1 and Sheet2. which contains values which i have populated using pivot table. Now i want to display values in Sheet3 such that, Value in column A of sheet1 should be in column A of sheet3 and Value in column A of sheet2 should be in column B of...
  7. R

    Vba code to move or copy sheets to another workbook with changing names

    Hi Need help, I have 3 sheets a, b,c , which i want to move or copy to another workbook (D) which seems simple enough. however the name workbook(D) keeps changing every day. Only thing that stays the same is starting few letter of the file name. For exmaple : Da1, Da2 , Da7, Da89 ...... can...

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