1. H

    VBA Code Question - Novice

    Hi I've developed a worksheet with a rating scale. I've been attempting to code where if an exclamation mark occurs, a pop message appears. However, the pop up message only appears when I double click on the cell where the exclamation mark (!) occurs. My desired outcome is when the exclamation...
  2. T

    VBA check if last character in a cell is punctuation

    Hello I need code to check if a last character in a cell is an exclamation. Example B! If the last character in a cell is an exclamation, I then need to multiply a range of cells below it by 0.0001. (I'm changing values in the range from ppm to %) Make this B! 3 6 22 120 Look like this...
  3. kojak43

    Red exclamation mark in file name icon

    I did a search on this title and found a reply, BUT, it said the red ! was because the file extension =.xlsm. While I did make the file using Excel 2007, it was saved as Excel 2003 (.xls). It did not have a macro. But it does have the red ! on the icon face. I don't know what the red ! means...

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