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    User Form controls still executing after Unload

    I am using a UF that the user enters details on that need to be appended to a range in a worksheet. Once the data has been added and pasted into a holding worksheet, the UF is closed via an Unload commande but when some of the non UF code is executing, the code for some controls are executing...
  2. N

    Executing Macro by clicking Cell Contain.

    Dear Sir, I Want to execute Micro by clicking Cell "A3" Containt. Can It Possibel.
  3. T

    Worksheet calculate Event - Macro not working

    Hello, I have a pretty big file to run and attempting to have a "please wait" pop up windows whenever the sheet recalculate. However, the code I pasted below does not seem to work. When I see "Calculating ..4 processors" in the bottom right of the page, the pop up window and worst the code is...
  4. A

    Code behind tab not executing

    For some reason, all code (i.e., onchange, worksheet_activate, worksheet_deactivate) behind my tabs are not executing automatically. I know that they run, bc, I can step in them to execute them. Also all of my other code runs as expected. Could there actually be a setting that is preventing...
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    Is there a way to save a copy of a workbook in VBA?

    If you do a "Save As" the workbook you are working in is not left open, instead what is left open is the new workbook with the new name. What I'd like is for the original workbook to remain open, but that a copy of it is tucked off somewhere. In fact i don't really want that copy open at all...

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