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    DAX 'IF' question

    Hi all, I having issue to "search" for specific text when I use IF faction at Dax. I have the next code: =IF([TesterName]="G1", IF([status] = 'Active',[status],[status])) that should search for "G1" under "TesterName" column. My problem is that at Testername column data is XXXXG1, CCCCCG1...
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    Freeze Panes re-setting after a Custom View?

    I hope there's an explanation for this. I'm setting a custom view that has certain sorts set on my data. I'm filtering by columns E and I. Once I've applied the custom view, I go to Data-> Sort & Filter-> Clear so that I can see all of my data again. When I do that, the data that was filtered...
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    VBA or Excel to Auto Filter

    I have a list of numbers referencing an item in column B of sheet 2 that can be found in col A sheet1. I want to auto filter column A in Sheet 1 for rows that contain this number in col A Sheet 1. The number can appear multiple times in column A Sheet 1. <o:p></o:p> I tried VLook up. However, it...
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    read file size and Write it to exel

    Hey guys! I have a csv file like this. 2012-09-10 meat spaghetti 2012-09-11 fish fish and chips 2012-09-12 meat hamburger etc. etc. and I want to read it and write it to excel. So far I have come with my code but I'm stuck. so I wonder if anyone has some tips or can help me? I was...
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    If and or functions help!!!

    EXCEL 2010 I am trying to do the following IF in sheet "Main Console" cell "E19" displays an 11 and "F19" Displays a 9 OR cell "E19" displays a 9 and "F19" displays an "11" AND cell "G19" displays a 3 show the following - 20% otherwise display blank Here are the formula's I have tried...

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