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    Add an additional IF statement with a qualifying column value to existing formulas

    Example formulas (1): =IF(ISBLANK('G1-1'!$BB$1),"",'G1-1'!$BB$1) =IF(ISBLANK('G1-1'!$BP$1),"",IF('G1-1'!$BC$1=-1,"",'G1-1'!$BP$1)) Example formulas (2): =IF(ISBLANK('G2-2'!$BB$1),"",'G2-2'!$BB$1) =IF(ISBLANK('G2-2'!$BP$1),"",IF('G2-2'!$BC$1=-1,"",'G2-2'!$BP$1)) The...
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    Apply named range to existing formulas

    Hello All, I thought what i am trying to do would be simple however this has left me surprised and frustrated, hence i am hoping someone else has experienced this issue before and can assist. I am trying to apply named ranges to existing formulas. Basically, the spreadsheet i inherited was...

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