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    VBA End Sub if statement not met

    I have a piece of code that I need to exit sub if criteria is not met. Not sure how to solve this with exit or end sub...Tried with else function but cannot get it to work. Sub COPY_PARCEL_HEADER_2() LR = Sheets("SAP MMT").Cells(Rows.Count, "C").End(xlUp).Row myCopyRow = LR + 1...
  2. 8

    Need Help with VBA Code to Hide/Unhide Rows

    Hi, I have the following code, but how can I apply this to rows below A5 to act in the same way? For example, I need this to be applied to A5:A44 and then A48:A87 (possibly for more rows below so I need the code to only perform the hide/unhide within the specified areas). Also, is it possible...
  3. T

    Excel visual basic code works on one worksheet but not on another

    This code works in one TAB (sheet) but not in another. Any help appreciated! Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) 'Code by Sumit Bansal from https://trumpexcel.com ' To allow multiple selections in a Drop Down List in Excel (without repetition) Dim Oldvalue As String Dim Newvalue...
  4. L

    VBA Code not working for full colum multiple selecton Drop-down list

    Hi there Need some help I put the vba in for a cell to select multiple drop down options and it works :). But when I change it so you can do this to the whole column it don't work and it still only work in the original cell. Its Column T which is Column number 20 but start in cell T8: Sub...
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    Multiselections in ComboBox

    Hi All I am creating an email useform wherethe user may need to select more than one email address to send to I have the code below which works perfectly well in a worksheet list but doen't work in a userform. Option Explicit Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim Oldvalue...
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    How to make a macro apply to an entire column

    I need to be able to select multiple list items in each cell of column F starting at F2. I have already created the data validation drop down list for F2 through F infinity. I have found the following macro that can perform this function for one cell. How can I get it to apply to F2 through F...
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    VBA Code for Auto-Colored Tabs

    Good morning everyone, I have a workbook that I would like to have auto-color each worksheet based on a cell value returning as "False". However each individual worksheet is named based on the text in cell "B1" I would like the code to refer to cell "V1" for the false reading and the tab to be...
  8. R

    VBA: Multiple Cell Selection issues

    Hi, The below code enables me to 'click' for multiple selections as the screenshot highlights. However, as can be seen in cell K5: - when selecting '4%' and 'a38%" together - '4%' suddenly become '0.04' and this is causing issues for my lookups. Does anyone know what is causing this issue...
  9. M

    Multiple list selections on new line

    I have a list I have created under data validation. I need the list to allow multiple selections with the new selection beginning on a new line. I have watched You Tube Video's and played around but can't seem to get this code right. I am a novice excel user. When I use the data validation...
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    VBA multi-select dropdown menu help

    Hi, I have the below code, which enables me to select multiple options from a drop-down menu. However, I want to amend this to column I, J and K - but the code is not letting me go any further than I37 (it goes red). This does coincide when it moves to the next line if this could be the issue...

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