1. Z

    tabel expanding by one row?

    What would cause a table to be expanding by one row that has no reason to do so? the row in question is blank, checked all cells, but it does present filter drop arrow when clicking on cells of that row which is odd? going to go back and see if any spaces are in cell that appear as "space bar"...
  2. N

    Keep non related columns balnk when expanding a table after merging

    hi all, im new to power query and i am merging tables and expanding relevant columns. is there any way that keep cells / rows of non related columns blank or null when expanding another column ? please see attached images for clear understanding. i have highlighted few of duplicates happened...
  3. T

    Sort/Remove Duplicate Macro

    I have about 20 columns of unsorted data, and I'm trying to record a macro that sorts (a-z) and removes duplicates without "expanding the selection". can someone point me in the right place? i searched but was unable to find. thank you!
  4. O

    Supressing Gouped Data

    Hi, I'm someone can help. I have had to group rows of data using the group data function. However, I have a filter on line 4 as below and every time I use this filter and then remove the filter it expands all of the grouped data. Is there a way to prevent the grouped data from expanding...
  5. L

    Expanding Inbox

    Right now it's saying that my inbox can only hold one message. How do I expand this?
  6. P

    Excel to PowerPoint

    I have information linked from an Excel doc to a PowerPoint. How do I keep the information from expanding beyond the PowerPoint slide when ever I update the links? Thanks!
  7. C

    Creating dashboard - general strategy

    Hello, I stand before a task to create a dashboard showing several metrics derived from a single large (expanding 100s rows x 300 fixed collums of data) table. I do have an idea which metrics I need to track, and how to individually get them from the data, but I struggle with defining a...
  8. C

    Power query - expanding lists to columns

    Hi, I have a problem importing a json file into power query. A record looks like below. Expanding user and client is not a problem, new columns are inserted as they should, but expanding custom and orderRow, that are lists, inserts rows instead and I need to have them inserted as columns...
  9. N

    Autofill changes formulas strangely

    I have this formula at cell E2: This is to find the instance/occurrence of the value at D2 counting from above, but not below it. Logically to me, when Excel autofills, the formula at E3 shoud be:
  10. L

    Expanding Nested IF

    I have a nested IF statement that I need to expand if a new column is added which happens often. Wondering if there is a better way to handle this? Here's my formula =IF($A$4=$D$4,$D7,IF($A$4=$E$4,$E7,IF($A$4=$F$4,$F7))) If works perfectly, except I will be adding a column G next month and...
  11. M

    Expanding and Contracting chart range doesn't save in Excel 2007

    Hi I've hit a strange problem that I think should work, but doesn't. My chart data range is: ='Summary Data'!$A$2:$BF$8. Since it expands a few times a week to BG, BH, BI etc., it seemed to make sense to use the standard OFFSET and COUNTA formulae to expand it. The every time I typed the...
  12. A

    Super Hard Problem.......i think

    This is kinda complicated and im not sure if it's an excel or VBA question but here goes! I work at a home care company and we are redoing out client care plan form which is composed of many check boxes for tasks the caregiver needs to do in the home. PROBLEM: I am trying to create a report...
  13. S

    Macro to sort data in a list.

    Hi I have a list with data in it and I need a macro to sort the data, but here is the tricky part, I am always adding and deleting rows, so I need the "range" in the macro to also grow and shrink. Any help will be greatly appriciated.

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