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    Grouping Expansion button

    Is there a way to change the colors of the expansion button when you group data? I have multiple levels which to expand and a user asked if I can color code the buttons. I'm not aware of anything. Please advise. Thanks!
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    Is there any way?

    Hey All, After searching for what felt like 73 days, I am hoping someone can help me!!! Here is the situation... I am attempting to mail merge in word from an excel document to print ticket entries for a giveaway, which is simple enough, but here is where it gets tricky - Before I mail merge...
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    Data Series Expansion

    Task: I have 2 sets of known x,y data that are in the same range of x and each set has the same starting and ending x value. However, the data sets each represent different functions and each set has a different number of sample points (Series1 has 11 sample points and Series2 has 4...

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