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    Stacking multiple columns into 2 columns - against a reference point

    Hi there, hoping someone can help me sort out a poorly formatted data-set which I've inherited and need to clean up to create some reports. In short, the data-set extends out from column A to column A0, and has 435 rows. Each row shows a unique 'case number' and then against each case number...
  2. K

    increase only selected cells by percentage via scroll bar

    Hi all, I already have a scroll bar that increases profit value of all my products sold uniformly on a quoting spreadsheet. However I require some products to have a higher profit applied as they are more expensive to produce. What happens at the moment is my SS works out the base cost, uses a...
  3. F

    Code Speed

    Hello Everyone, This may be a pretty simple answer, but I figured I would ask the experts. I have 7 modulethat each perform an ODBC query on an AS400 database, then return and perform a regex to delete the unnecessary code. Each of the macros places the data on a seperate sheet, and then...

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