export as csv

  1. J

    Export Data From One Column Based on Another Column Excluding Headers

    Hi, I have looked through various forums and tried my own code but to no avail. I have a sheet with data in 9 columns. The information i need exported is in column A. But i need to export column A (without the heading) based on Column C. But save the file name as column D and column C with...
  2. D

    VBA to split xlsx into multiple CSV files based in format

    Hi all, I'm struggling with this, I need to split this document so I get a CSV for each unique site formatted as per below.. Users will be in multiple sites Current Export Data Username Site Name Current Perm New Group site_exampleSite_SiteManager exampleUser exampleSite siteManager...
  3. S

    Need Help on Exporting Excel Sheet as CSV format

    Hello Everyone, Need your help to export custom worksheets of a workbook as a separate CSV file. For example, I have 7 worksheets in my workbook, out of which I need to export only 2 sheets only. So, I need a macro which would prompt me to select sheet/sheets to export and select a folder to...
  4. F

    Export Multiple Sheets to .csv

    Hello all, My workbook has an instructions/input tab, a few hidden lookup tabs, and a bunch of hidden output tabs (currently 10 of them). I would like to export/save as separate files the output tabs based on whether there is data <>"" in the tab or not (excluding the header row 1), and save...
  5. J

    Export Formatting to CSV

    I am fumbling through some steps to automate an export from access to a csv file. I have created a macro to run a query when access opens; '------------------------------------------------------------ ' AutoExec ' '------------------------------------------------------------ Function AutoExec()...
  6. A

    Macros to export from single worksheet based on parameters to multiple txt files

    Hi I have this excel file with serial numbers of employees. I need to make individual text files of 500 serial numbers. The master list is enclosed. What I am looking for is that I am able to run a VB script that automatically that 1)Opens the worksheet-->DATA( main sheet) of the workbook file...
  7. F

    Outlook calendar export VBA with range period

    Hello guys, I am trying to modify a code that I found in order to export my calendar appointments in Excel. I need to export "Subject", "StartDate", "EndDate" and "Category". The main issue is that I want on a specific period of time by an Input Box, first to enter the start date and then the...
  8. B

    Export to csv using Named Range

    Hello! I am trying to export 5 columns of data. The rows change each time the data is refreshed. I have a named range of "EquipCosts" for the data. Using the below code, exports, but it give me quotes and commas for the blank rows. Is it possible to export to a csv using a named range? If not...
  9. J

    Export Email Data to specific fields in CSV file (or XLS file)

    Hello All! I am working on a problem where I need to... 1. Receive an email 2. Have that email automatically moved to a specific folder 3. Have any email in said folder exported into a .csv file 4. The data in that file must be placed under specific columns. I can achieve all of the above...
  10. J

    How can I export the text of one column of a workbook as text file and perform the saving with a macro

    I have a sheet with several workbooks. The aim of the sheet is to generate a text of a letter automatically depending on a lot of parameters. In one of the workbooks I have the result in column A. lets call this workbook corrections The content of the cells in letter_text might be in English...
  11. M

    Export table from power pivot or power BI

    I am making a database to run some regressions on Eviews. So once I'm done with the table, I have to export that table to Eviews or any other statistical software. But I'm not sure how to export a table or tables from data model. If I cannot do that, then no point in spending time in the power...
  12. E

    Divide and export the data according to these instructions

    Hi MrExcel Community, my name is Dominika and I'm looking for a VBA code help. I need to automate some of my Excel work for the sake of completing my dissertation on time, but I'm new to VBA. I have data that have following columns: year quarter code number1 number2 The data are properly sorted...
  13. S

    How to import/export multicell namedranges and their values ?

    I have an excel file which has around 373 NamedRanges and their values. Some ranges are singlecell others are around multicelled value. Now I am trying to first export the Names of the NamedRanges all of them which are present in the workbook and their values in csv format. Then I am using...
  14. B

    how to export multiple individual sheets to .CSV files?

    I'm working in xl2010, and have a workbook with ~70 sheets. I'd like to save the sheets as individual .csvs, each with the name of the sheet. I tried using the following code: Option Explicit Sub SaveShtsAsBook() Dim Sheet As Worksheet, SheetName$, MyFilePath$, N& MyFilePath$ =...
  15. A

    Code to save new user excel file as CSV where the headers are in a column not row

    good afternoon. I am trying to create a macro that will take the contents of an excel file that had new user details and save it as a csv. The Headers are in column B - B11:B44 with the data in D11:D44. Being the information is running vertically rather than horizontally I am having issues in...
  16. Q

    CSV Export

    I have an excel sheets which contain information which will be exported via CSV in Excel and later be imported via CSV into a mysql database. The problem is that some columns in the excel can contain quite a few common delimiters such as commas, apostrophes for text fields, along with single...
  17. E

    Export Specific Columns To Txt File

    Hi guys, I have developed a piece of code that exports my entire worksheet to a .txt file. Rather than exporting the entire sheet, all i am looking to achieve is export Column A, B and J. Here's my current code: Sub csvfile() Dim fs As Object, a As Object, i As Integer, s As String...
  18. D

    Exporting to CSV based on column/cell location.

    I have a bit of a tricky problem. Hopefully someone can help me because this one has me a little stumped. I'm pretty new to Access and VBA for Access is not the same animal I know from other Office apps. After exporting to Excel and running a module to remove the unnecessary data (which I...
  19. J

    Export to CSV with a Variable Amount of Columns

    I have been searching for quite a while now for an answer to this problem with no success. This forum seems like the best place to find an answer. I'm looking for a macro to take the following input and export it to a csv file to look like what I have listed. INPUT----- 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5...

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