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    Red face Excel charts as jpgs to specific powerpoint

    Hi guys, I am new and please forgive me, if am not specific enough. I would like to export all of the charts using vba code in a horizontal order from a specific worksheet (sheet1) to a specific powerpoint which is already saved at the end of a given path. The powerpoint file as well as the...
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    Importing chart sheets to an Excel Userform

    Hi everyone, I'm after some advice for working with Excel userforms. I have the below piece of code which allows me to import an image of a chart from a sheet into a Userform. While this works OK, most of my charts exist on Chart Sheets opposed to data sheets. Is there any easy work around to...
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    Exporting several charts as images creates several empty files

    Hello Guys. I'm trying to loop through all the charts in a sheet, then save it to PNG and then attach it in a email. Technically, it works. However, most of the time the charts generate an empty file after generating a working one. And sometimes, it just generates two charts without any order...
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    VBA to export all charts as PNG / GIF / JPG files

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone knows how to do the following, or can refer to an implementation of such a thing. I have an excel file with many sheets and charts scattered in the various sheets. I'd like to export all charts to a folder as image files. I'd like the file names to be...
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    simple export a selection as an image?

    All, following the 'success' last week of my posts to get my charts exported as an image, I have moved on a bit and now want to export a selection from one of my sheets as an image too. I have worked out that I can select part of a sheet to export like this ...

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