export excel data

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    Excel VBA multiple loops to output data to individual worksheets

    HI there I was wondering if someone can please help me. I have a services report that is generated every 6 months to capture whether service was delivered to the customer. I am trying to automate a manual process of outputting the results of undelivered service to the person's manager. I have...
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    VBA coding data import/export within Excel

    Dear Excel and VBA experts, As of recently I have compiled a piece of VBA coding and I could use some fine tuning in it. Perhaps some help can be provided here. I’ll further explain the case and my vision on how I would like to have it work. Case: I have one source spreadsheet in which there...
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    Help with VBA code to automate copying selection to new File

    Hi there, Im trying to write some code that selects a range of cells, different every time, that exports it to a new file with a predifined file name except voor the weeknumber. I first make a selection of the cells I want by filtering on weeknumber. After that I use to following code to...
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    Export Excel Form Data to Unique/Multiple Word Docs or PDF

    Hi, I have an excel document that is set up like a form: questions in row one and multiple candidates' answers to follow rows 2+. I'd like to extract each question/answer for each row into a unique PDF or word document so that each candidate has their own one-sheet. Is it possible to do this...
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    How can I export an Excel column to wordpad and save the file using VBA

    I have to confess I am a complete dummy when it comes to VB. I have an Excel spreadsheet which I would like to export to notepad. There are 4 sheets to the spreadsheet. The first takes input and runs some calculations and gives out figures. The following three take the information and translate...
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    export result of a macro to a text file

    Hi, i have written a macro in my workbook whose result is in sheet2. I have to export the result in a text file. it will be done through a .bat or .csv file. plz help!!
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    export and save data without leaving current workbook

    Hello VBA crusaders, I have a workbook with lots of calculations grouped by categories. I have a userform that directs users to initiate calculations in specific categories. Currently, the workbook parses the data and saves itself as a .xls. Instead, I would like to take just the sheets related...
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    DAO IgnoreNulls and copy value down a table

    I've got some data that I'm trying to dump into a database from excel. Everything is fine except I'm stuck on trying to get the average of some values into the database. Because sometimes I've got 2,3,4, or 5 values that I'm taking the average of and getting some statistical data on, I have...

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