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    Problem exporting time formatted data from Access 2010 to Excel 2010

    Hi all. I'm having a problem exporting an Access 2010 query to Excel. The Access query contains a number of text and numeric fields which export with no issues. However, one of the fields is in a time format ([nn]:ss) which, when exported to Excel, fails to transfer the values. The database...
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    User Parameter Query (Acess 2003) to Word Template

    Hi, i am struggling with how to effectively 'export' the results of a query into a word template, where the query prompts the user for a query parameter. I have set up the word template (.doc) and added in bookmarks to send the query data too but I cannot seem to get my head round how to...
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    ACCESS TO EXCEL EXPORTATION coming through in a random order (Office 10)

    I have exported some data from Access to Excel (2010) and once exported to access the data is in a different order from when it was in the query. The data is all under the correct headers but each column is randomly ordered. The query is in the following order (by fieldnames) CompanyName...

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