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    Outlook VBA to list the text strings of all folders and subfolders i.e., beyond two levels

    Hi Folks, The code below is listing the Outlook path for all my Outlook Folders but only two levels deep. e.g., \\Douglas.Markham@thecompany.com\Inbox\01) doug's jobs\completed jobs I've tried to nest a third For loop into the code to pull out the next level of folder e.g...
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    Export from multiple Access Queries to Multiple Workbooks and Worksheets

    I have a DB that culminates into 4 export queries. I would like to create a macro to export the 4 queries into one workbook per Business Unit. There are 10+ Business Units. A single Business Unit workbook would contain the output of from each of the export queries for the respective Business...
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    Exporting UserForm Textbox input in numeric or currency format with VBA in Excel 2010

    Hi I hope some one can help me with this problem. I have created a user form to log sales records in to an excel spreadsheet. The form I have created will copy keyed informtion in to the next available row on a worksheet using the follwoing code. Private Sub cmdExport_Click()...
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    Data Input in Web Page with export into Excel

    Currently, I am aggregating metrics across multiple facilities where each facility putting their information into their respective workbook and emails their files to me. I then have to move the information into a master workbook. I would like to establish a simple data input option on the web...
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    Issues while exporting UTF-16 encoded .csv file to excel using c#

    Hi all, I am using following code to open the UTF-8 encoded .csv in excel: m_excel.Workbooks.OpenText(newPath, Comma: true); And that works fine. Can anyone tell me how to open UTF-16(Unicode) encoded .csv file in excel using similar code or some different approach. Please help me i urgently...
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    sql issue

    Sub output_into_files() Dim CONNECT As New ADODB.Connection Dim zapytanie As New ADODB.Recordset Dim path As String Dim name As String Dim a As Integer Dim sheetValue As String Dim QueryString As String path = "SOME PATH...." name = Dir(path) a = 1 sheetValue = "sheet" & a Do Until...
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    MS Project (2007) VBA to Export to MS Excel (2010)

    All, I have the following code which worked in 2010 and I believe was prior to me upgrading my MS Office suite from 2007 to 2010. Might this be an issue between the application versions? When running the program, I get "Bad File Name or Number" run-time error which occurs on the second iteration...
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    How to export more than 65000 rcds from Access to Excel 2007

    I have a table with 500,000 rcds and on exporting it only exports 65000 rcds. Please advice Thanks SKV

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