1. S

    Exporting to Notepad - Select file name?

    Hello all! I have the macro below that exports certain columns to a file (in this a m3u8 file). Is there a way I could have excel allow me to type in the file name I'd prefer before exporting? Thanks, Kevin Sub ExportToNotepadOVERALL() Sheets("OVERALL_CLIPS").Select...
  2. P

    Exporting a SmartArt graphic

    I dynamically generate Org Charts using the SmartArt CirclePictureHierarchy object, but I am unable to export them as PDF files in code. I thought I could use the same code as I use to export a Chart, but that didn't work. I believe exporting Shapes is doable, but I can't capture the code in a...
  3. D

    going through multiple worksheets and copying all charts from them

    Hello experts, I have the code below that works well to export excel graphs onto powerpoint. But where I am stuck is that it only exports the graphs from the active worksheet. How can I make it cycle through all the whole workbook and then export the graphs sheet by sheet? Thanks Option...
  4. B

    Exporting to CSV format

    We have a specific user that is exporting to Excel and the output is in comma delimited format. All other users receive their exported spreadsheet with their data in separate columns (Text to columns is done systematically). Any thoughts as to why this user would receive their exported data in...
  5. R

    Exporting From Excel To Access

    Greetings... Simple? Apparently not... Setup: I receive each day a payroll extract in CSV format, I have written code to clean it up and once cleaned I would like to export it into an Access database. NOTE: I do not want to import from Excel into Access... I want to export from Excel into...
  6. L

    CommandButton Cell Exporting

    Hi all! I have been searching for hours for help on the forums but am still at a loss... Maybe you guys can help me? Basically I have a workbook called "Book1.xlsm and in it I have a command button that I want to be able to click and export data contained in cells [C2:F2] to a new document...
  7. N

    Exporting Sheet as Txt File

    Hi there, I am attempting to export a worksheet as a text file using this code. Sub RoundedRectangle2_Click() ActiveSheet.SaveAs ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Purlinmacro3.spn", xlUnicodeText End Sub *I have tried multiple different file formats, including xlTextWindows, xlTextMSDOS...
  8. O

    Using Excel to Export "body" or "custom Form Fields" in Excel

    I am using excel to export Either a table contained in the body of emails or a custom form i am trying to design in vba for outlook with fields like <tbody> Account Number: 3702179 Required Date: 19/11/14 Vehicle Restrictions: 44 max tonne Codas Size and delivery restrictions...
  9. T

    Matching Fields for import/export procedure.

    Hello, My organization moves data between 2 different applications by exporting and importing csv files. I'll call the programs app1 and app2. app2 has an import file template that we use to match the fields from app1's export file. So I've been manually copying the columns from the export...
  10. M

    Linking excel imput data to wesite

    Hello Everyone!!! Is their a possible way to link exported XL data to a website & then import updated changes on the same webpage back to XL??? :confused::confused::confused:
  11. N

    Exporting Pages to Individual Workbooks

    I have a worksheet in 2007 with data for individual people. However, the number of records per individual can vary from 1 to 300. I want to separate each person's data, so what I did was put page breaks between each person's set of data. Without cutting and pasting, is there a simple way to...
  12. M

    Exporting data from Access 2007 to Excel 2007 using VBA

    Hi, i am automating data transfer from Access 2007 to Excel 2007 and am having trouble with setting up the connection. below is what i have so far but i am having no luck with connecting to the data base via the connection string an defining my record set. i am also having trouble with...
  13. N

    Macro to Export Excel Spreadsheet to Access Table

    Hi, I am attempting to build a macro that will take the data in the current Excel spreadsheet, and dump it in the same format in a Access database table. The Excel spreadsheet has 14 fields and about 35000 rows. Column A = Index B = Trans Date C = Client D = Plan E = Member F = Unit G =...
  14. Dave Punky

    Exporting to another workbook

    Hi all, This may sound simple but I'm having problems doing this. I basically need to transfer one worksheets from my workbook into a new document using a VBA macro. The worksheet has forumlas, which I would not want crossed over, rather the data thats in the cell stays there (so instead of...
  15. S

    Exporting ACCESS 97 tables to excel spreadsheet

    Hi , I am relatively new to excel macros and have the daunting task of importing databases (ACCESS 97 format) into excel for data analysis. I have no pior experience with ACCESS and am a bit lost. I have a working code (excel macro) that works on individual files thanks to recording. But the...

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