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    Conditional Formatting in Access Form

    Hi Everyone, I've got a DB that's setup to show a list of our all sub-contractors that we use. The main goal is to show details of each subbie and if they meet the approval criteria or not. This way our contracts team only place orders with approved subbies. The main field is the 'Approval'...
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    DLookUp for textbox control source to pull from another query

    Hello, I have been all over the web and keep seeing the same examples on how to do this, but for some reason, I can't get it work for me. I have a form called "frm_Metals_JobDetails" it is bound to a query called: qry_MetalsJobsActive There is one textbox on the form that I want pull data...
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    Access adding dsum to a form. Dsum inquiry about +/- values.

    Little out of my wheel house, would appreciate being pointed in the right direction on how to get the desired results. I have a form where I need to add the value for credits and subtract the ones for billing. Consumed would be the amount of the (+)credit[static] or (-)Billing[dynamic]. The...
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    Expression builder escape character?

    I'm trying to set up a default value for a text box. It will be a file path that contains an ampersand. Everytime the form is loaded the text box evaluates the ampersand and so it disappears. C:\J&B changes to C:\JB and so the subsequent code doesn't run. Is there a way to escape the...
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    Update query- Access 2010 Win7

    Hello, I'm attempting to perform an update query to a table for the field "periodyear" and "period" using a text box and a list box that live on a form in front of the database. The text box's name is Year_Label and the list boxs name is Quarter_Label. I've had this working at one point where...
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    Expression Builder Help in Access

    Hi all, I was wondering if I can build an expression which will show either "Exceeds", "Meets" or "Does not Meet" depending on the number in another field. I have used the iif function, can I nest multiple functions in an expression to do this. Eg if [occurances] is 0, "Exceeds" but if...
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    Text Message in Access form when tabbing through

    I want to create an event procedure in ACCESS under 'Events' to display a message on a form when the user gets to a certain field by tabbing. 1. Would 'On Got Focus' be the correct item to use? I tried in Code Builder to add the following text in the On Got Focus for the Check Box, but when I...

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