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    Code to Hide Rows based on criteria in linked cell

    I have read about 50 threads and cannot seem to get a macro code to work and I am not well versed in VBA so I have been trying to cut and paste certain codes to get to one that works without success. My workbook contains an "Expense" tab and a "RPT" tab. The RPT! tab pulls data from a separate...
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    How to make excel stop putting a hyperlink in my lookup formula after exiting the file

    I made a calculator that grabs data from an external online reference. On the first sheet I have a link that is =HYPERLINK("http://www.wowuction.com/us/illidan/horde/Tools/RealmDataExportGetFileStatic?type=csv&dl=true&token=5L7U_r_iGWpMkMqHHmfPgQ2","Refresh") refresh is just the name it appears...
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    Excel file size due to pivot tables

    I have an Excel file that contains a lot of pivot tables with the data source being a MS Access database query. I added a field to the underlying data and pulled that into all of my pivot tables and the file size went from 108,727 KB to 648,806 KB. Any ideas on reducing the size of my Excel...

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