extra space

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    Range Object adds extra space that cannot be trimmed without specifically trimming the cell

    I have some code that is supposed to Trim the values of cells quickly, taken from here: https://www.thespreadsheetguru.com/the-code-vault/a-fast-way-to-clean-trim-cell-values-with-vba-code <code> With ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(WSname) .Activate Dim rng As Object Dim Area As...
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    Extra white space while exporting

    I am currently trying to integrate a Customer Packet (formerly a word doc) into the excel doc we use to calculate all our graphs, pricing, estimates, ect. I've copied all the assets from the word doc into the excel doc on a new tab and I have it pulling its graphs and its other assets from...
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    Formula to Delete Blanks in Entry

    Hello, First time poster and I figured out my problem with a VLOOKUP that's been giving me trouble is due to there being a space before some the entries so it's not able to pull it (i.e.00045 vs 00045 [note no space before the first zero in the first one which is what I want]) Is there a way...

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