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    Extract data a URL and create pivot table

    Hi guys, New to excel macros, but having seen a couple of vids on You Tube I'm quickly becoming fascinated by its potential! So anyway, there's a task a run every morning and I think a macro could help but i'm hitting huddles. Wonder if anyone can help? The task 1 - Take 2 csv downloads...
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    Extracting data from website source code

    I would appreciate if any super experts would help to find a solution to extract source code data from a chart found on a website and build a macro to automatically import the data to excel. The website's source code is from: Load Forecast vs. Actual: Current Day The data to extract is the...
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    Extract actual addresses from hyperlinks with User Defined Function

    I have the following code in my excel module and when I typein this formula =GetURL(A2) (A2 is the cell that the hyperlink in), and press Enter button to see real hidden hyperlink, get the error #NAME? <code class="vb keyword" style="white-space: nowrap; padding: 0px !important; font-family...
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    Extract links from cells of an entire column

    Hello guys, I have a column with cells containing html code with various tags, text and various links. Somewhere in these cells there are some hyperlinks of various length from a specific domains The format of the urls are http://www then followed by a random number, then a specific domain and...
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    Need Macro vba to extract only URL string from a column having strings with some text plus URL

    Hello Experts. I just started learning about VBA and got below problem. In below example, column A is a huge set of cells that has strings with URLs in it. I need to extract only URL starting from "http" keyword. There are no cases when this string has more than one URL. I searched internet...
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    extract all url from a website

    Hi, I need to copy the information of all the products of this website: http://www.selleckchem.com/ but I don't know the url for each individual product. So I need to extract all the url related to the products into excel. Does anyone know how it can be done? Many Thanks,

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