1. Roderick_E

    Factorial total number finding loop

    I'm working to make a macro for my accounting team to look at a range of invoices that equal some user defined total. I've seen other solutions even using add-in Solver and none work as well as my version below. (No ego intended) PROBLEM: The problem is, my version below only goes out 4 levels...
  2. C


    Excel has excellent built in function FACT() which does n! calculations. But I don't need 1*2*3*4*5. Instead I need 1+2+3+4+5 calculation. Excel has such built in function? Thank You, AK
  3. B


    Simply stated, I need a macro that will output all the combinations of 9!/5! There will be 3024 combinations. I don't want a non-repeating combination (like 9C5=126) or a repeating permutation (like 9P5=15120). Can anyone help me here? Thank you in advance.

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