1. M

    Excel Graph Help Please - Plotting the Fall on a Line Graph Showing Height and Length

    Hi Folks, I'm hope you can help. I am looking to create a graph within Excel, to show pipe fall over height and length (the gradient). My data is as following: Length: 85 Height: 3.50 Gradient: 25 (1 in 25) Ideally, I want the left axis to be the height with the bottom of the graph...
  2. G

    vlookup 3 sheets

    This is the first sheet <tbody> Student ID Course ID Fall M82922929 A&S 001 M68669689 A&S 012 M78666687 A&S 035 M28262728 A&S 055 </tbody> i got help creating a formula that would identify a mismatch happening. <tbody> Student ID Course ID Spring Status M82922929 A&S 001 Good...
  3. C

    Gradient Y Axis

    Hello, I'm wondering if there is a weigh to "weight" my y axis on an excel chart. I have many points that fall in between $0 and $1,000,000, fewer that fall between $1,000,001 and $10,000,000 and very few greater than $10,000,000. So, I would like the points that fall in between $0 and...
  4. C

    Count Public Holidays that falls on a Saturday

    I have a list of public holidays and I would like to know how I could count the ones that fall on a satuday.
  5. J

    Duplicating changing columns to another sheet

    So I have a workbook which contains multiple sheets of tables similar to the ones below. In all the sheets, the first two columns (Name and Class) are always the same. The rest of the columns are always different. Whenever someone new comes along, or someone leaves, then I go in and add/delete...
  6. Q

    How to group data into ranges in Excel

    Hi, If I have a set of repetitive data i.e. individual data points which fall under the same range cell, is there a way to group them together in excel. For eg. All the below data fall under Zone 6. Is there a way I could club all the numbers together for ease of reference. Something like...
  7. C

    Setting up a dependent form

    <tbody> Vendor Project PO Asset Apples Galore Fall 10 11 Green Apples Galore Fall 20 22 Yellow Johnny Appleseed Fall 10 54 Red Johnny Appleseed Fall 20 67 Pink Johnny Appleseed Fall 20 67 Peach </tbody> <colgroup><col width="514" style="width: 386pt...
  8. C

    IF formula with 3 criterias

    Hi, wish to ask if anyone could help me draft a formula for the following case: <tbody> Date Day Malaysia Hong Kong Dealing Valuation 1/1/19 Thursday Dealing if Friday is either Malaysia or HK Holiday 1/2/19 Friday Dealing if Monday is either Malaysia or HK holiday 1/3/19 Monday...
  9. T

    Band / Category assigning

    Hi there, I am wondering what the easiest way I can band values which are the closest to the actual values. Take the below example: Here are my bands: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Chargeband Exc VAT (pence per min) 1 4.5 2 4.5 3 4.5 4 13.5 5 13.5 6 13.5 7 13.5 8 36...
  10. G

    Calculating Period by if funtcion

    I have a table below for period. Sheet 1 <tbody> Start Date End Date Period 2/4/2018 3/3/2018 Period 1 3/4/2018 3/31/2018 Period 2 </tbody> Sheet 2 Has Hire date column C2 (2/15/18). I am looking for help to whether I can use if formula to say 2/15/18 fall in Period 1, whereas if is...
  11. N

    IF AND to define which date category

    Hi all, I have a list of dates and I am trying to state (TEXT) which quarter of the year that they all fall into. My formula is this: =IF(AND(B47>="30/1/2017"+0,B47<="31/3/2017"+0),"Jan-Mar '17", IF(AND(B47>="1/4/2017"+0,B47<="30/6/2017"+0),"Apr-June '17"...
  12. F

    IF or IFS statement

    I am trying to bucket the amount of days something has been open. Example: 1. 6/5/2018 = 30 or Less 2. 5/5/2018 = 30-60 3. 4/5/2018 = 60 or More My results have been only 30 or Less when I do have others that fall into 30-60. =IFS(W2>=TODAY()-30,"30 or...
  13. T

    Question for the experts

    Hey Folks, Long time lurker, first time poster so be gentle. Having an issue, our software program returns a list of dates in day/month/year. We have the cells formatted to show up as Wednesday, January 12 2018 for example. I thing is, is there anyway to get excel to count how many times the...
  14. M

    Omit Holidays (Customized)

    Hello, Is there a function that allows you to skip holidays (not count) when working with date ranges? I don't want to use the WORKDAY.INTL or WEEKDAY, etc. I just want the holidays that I indicate not counted. No matter what day of the week they fall on within my range. Let me know if this...
  15. Welsh Mark3


    I have a column of values - I'm looking to write a formula that counts how many values fall into each of the following buckets <500, 501 - 1000, 1001 - 2500, 2501 - 5000, 5001 - 10000, 10001 - 50000, >50000 Can you help me, please?
  16. K

    Error 400 on opening

    Hi , I have inherited a large Excel spreadsheet (65 Mb) that crashes on opening with the single error code 400. It is believed that the file worked until the latest set of updates caused it to fall over. There are macros in the file, but there are none that run when the file is first...
  17. J

    Scatterplot chart question

    Hi, Is it possible to have those data points that fall above the trend line one color and the data points that fall below the trend line a different color? Thank you.
  18. S

    DATEVALUE and using Cell Referencing

    I am trying to have a cell count the number of cells within a range to find how many have dates that fall between specific dates but getting the #VALUE ! error. My formula is: =SUMPRODUCT((DeliveryDate>=DATEVALUE(Month1))*(DeliveryDate<=DATEVALUE(EndMonth1))) Month1's formula is =EDATE(C2,1)...
  19. E

    Banding Based on Salary

    Hi All, I have a main tab and within it I have column A that list salary ranges as follows: £1000 - £2000 £2001 - £5000 £5001 - 10,000 £10,000 + Within "salary tab I have a list of 40 people who each fall into one of the criteria above based on the "salary" filed which is in "F" of the...

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