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    Translation for File Copy In OneDrive

    We recently migrated our files to OneDrive. Our previous use of Path would render a windows address string. It now renders the url of the cloud file location. When using the link, the path opens the url in an explorer window requiring another authentication. We currently have the cloud...
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    How to provide a file progress bar when downloading a large file

    I have this code that opens a workbook on a local website on our intranet and then copies the sheet into a local file. Workbooks.Open ("http://teamspace.****.com/sites/****/****/Shared%20Documents/Lookup.xls") LastRow = ActiveSheet.Cells.Find("*", , xlFormulas, xlPart, xlByRows...
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    Help Needed for Data Extraction from Hundreds of Zipped Files!

    I'm now in a headache to extract data from files and really wish somebody could help me out of this. The problem is that there is a directory, e.g. I:\john In this directory, there are 100 zipped files. In each zipped file, there are 26 different .csv files. I only want to extract the data...
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    excel rename file from list error

    I am not an expert nor do I have much experience with excel. Here is what I am trying to do: I have some master template files in a directory. I want to Rename the files in the Directory but keep the old files. I have a spreadsheet that lists the files in column A and Column B has the new name...
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    Macro to Copy PDF Files to Destination folder based on cell information

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for one assistant....I have folder which contains 100+ PDF files and these file names I have it in my excel say it start from A2 cell... I would like to move PDF files to different folder based on PDF file name which is there in the excel sheet.... For Example: If A2...
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    VBA- Selecting file to copy a range into existing sheet

    Hi all, I'm trying to accomplish something that I can't seem to figure out in VBA. It's a little hard for me to explain, but I will try my best. What I want to do is prompt the user with a Windows Explorer window to browse for a file. The file that the user navigates to will be a .csv file...
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    File replication/copy and find replace text/numbers within doc

    Hi , i have a word doc that i need to replicate/copy multiple times. I need only to change three numbers in the header of the word doc that will be supplied for the rest of the docs through an excel file with 3 columns holding the new set of numbers to be added to different cells in the word doc...

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