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  1. E

    "file in use" Message Box not displaying when using VBA to open multiple file

    I'm currently using the loop: For i = 1 To 10 Application.Workbooks.Open ( files(i) ) Next To open several excel workbooks. It works fine, but the standard message "File in Use" message box doesn't display, and the files just open in Read-Only mode without warning. Is there any...
  2. JDaniluck

    "File In Use" Alert

    Hey All, This is my first question on this site. I use it all of the time by searching through the forums. So I thought I would finally join in the fun. :) Anyhow, time for business. I am running into a problem with the "File in Use" alert. I am attempting to write a code to automatically...
  3. R

    Document Template Already In Use by Excel Macro

    Hello Everyone, I have a macro that opens a word document template that I have saved on the C:\ Drive, changes a few things in it, saves the file as a new name, and then leaves it open to let the user manually edit the rest of the data needed. This works fine, but when I change some data in...
  4. zakasnak

    force close "file in use"

    I have a report that I run every week that I need to save as the existing file in the folder. Invariably, someone has this report open, but the message box only says "another user" so I don't know who to go to. Is there a way to force close the file on the network, so I can save the new report?
  5. ClimoC

    If workbook is in use by another user...

    Hey guys I need something to check if a file is in use, and if it is, abort the procedure, else proceed with update macro. (Company is on a citrix environment) I've found one code on another site that looks like it would do this, but it's a Function, and I've never used one of those before...
  6. T

    Macros to show user name when opening locekd Excel file

    Hi. My Excel file is located on network drive and I have a macros which automatically exports data from outlook message to excel file. In case some other user has opened this file I can not run a macros, because file is read only. There is a KB article "Macro code to check whether a...
  7. D

    File in Use and locked for editing in Excel 2007

    I am trying to run a macro and everytime I select a file it tells me the file is in use and locked for editing. Why won't it let me open my file? Please help.
  8. G

    How to check if file is open by other user nas gotot if so:

    Hi Guy's, I've got a form where the user inputs information into 2 textboxes. Then selects save. This opens another workbook, writes the info into the next blank line, saves it, and then closes it. This all works fine. As this file is on a network, I’m trying to pre-empt any possible issue...

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