file names

  1. V

    How to list file names in a folder directly, including subfolders and zipped files?

    Hi, I want to to be able to list the full file names and format (pdf/msg/word/excel) in an excel file, including subfolders and zipped files. Can someone help? The most important is that I can get the file names of a zipped folder without unzipping. Thanks.
  2. Z

    Insert partial filename in cell A1

    I need a way to insert the part of the file name after PO. In the example below, 3351 is the work order number, between brackets is the customer name, then the description and then the PO number. The problem is the PO number varies in length and could contain digits, dashes etc. so I need to...
  3. A

    VBA macro to fetch excel filenames that contain a specific string from folder that contains my active book

    Hi Champs, I know if I can't get my answer here, I probably wont get it elsewhere. I am trying to fetch excel book filenames from folder that contains the excelbook I am working on and contain a specific string like *WFM*.xl*. I receive few files daily from WFM dept but file names have "WFM"...
  4. A

    External links

    I have a number of folders named: VO1, VO2, VO3, Each contain a workbook named; Variation 1,Variation 2, Variation 3 respectively. I need to link cells within each workbook to another workbook named: Register and need a formula I can fill down column to read a number from a cell and use as part...
  5. JackDanIce

    VBA code to open folder and display specific prefix named files only

    Hi, In my spreadsheet a macro opens a folder for the user to select multiple files, upon which the macro performs various actions. The folder contains a large number of files and all the files I want being with the prefix "IED p&l" Similar to how you can write code for a folder to open...
  6. S

    running a macro on a list of files

    Hi, I need help running a macro on various word documents using a list of the file paths/names. I have two .xls files - one with the macro (which I got off this forum, I think) and some text in two columns. The macro currently opens a specific word document, finds text from column A, and...
  7. G

    Importing file names from Windows Explorer

    How would I go about doing a group import of a list of file names from Windows Explorer into a column on an Excel spreadsheet? For example, one of the folders on my PC contains a list of 22 files. If I want to make an accurate copy of the file name, I must right click it, select Rename...

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