file not found

  1. L

    Missing .tmp File when copying a sheet

    Hi All, I need your expert support since I am stacked and I cannot find any solution. I develop a VBA macro that works on my computer (MS Excel 2016), but when it runs on another pc it cannot work. The errors we got are "Impossible to find the file... VB....tmp" and an error run-tim 1004 with...
  2. P

    FileSystemObject Error 53 File Not Found

    Hi All, First I would like to say I am blown away by the support and learning I have received since I joined thank you! Second I had this running until today I received the error Original code below this Structure That worked until a user loaded a File name 293 characters Long as they are...
  3. S

    Run time error 1004

    I am trying to open two different workbooks for transferring data. The name of workbooks are in two cells of the current workbook. First workbook opens correctly but there is error in opening other workbook. It says "run time error 1004. File can't be found." However, if i use path of workbook...
  4. C

    Error handling clarification

    Hello, gurus. A quick question having to do with semantics as much as anything else. I have a routine that occasionally and inexplicably throws a "File not found" error when performing a mail merge. When this occurs, the debug button opens the VBA studio and I hit 'F5' and it takes off again...
  5. ClimoC

    "File not Found"... WTF?

    Hey guys A workbook I've created for my workmates is behaving a bit funny. It's a scheduling tool workbook, and they often have it open on two different workstations (one in read-only, the other in read-write) but lately it's been behaving funny. On the surface it doesn't look like it has...
  6. T

    Error 53 at 'Open filename for Output'

    I try to make a macro for saving an Excel sheet to a .CSV file with "@" as delimiter. At the line "Open fname For Output As #fnum", the Error 53, "no file found" occurs. The Excel-help is saying that if the file is not present, a new file will be made. This error occurs now and then, How to...

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