file recovery

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    One way to Fix “Can't Find Project or VBA Library Error”

    My Excel friends, All over the Internet there are explanations about solving this issue in an XLSM file. However, none of the available “solutions” solved my problem. I found a “workaround” easy FIX that may fix your specific file, I will explain the process step by step: 1.- In Windows...
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    data corruption in recovered files

    Hello all, I have a Macbook Pro that is 3 years old. A few months ago, the computer basically died (it stopped booting up because the startup disk was presumably corrupted). In the process of recovering the files from the damaged hard drive, my work's IT department recovered several Excel...
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    Tricky (?) Question - re: File Recovery

    I was working on a spreadsheet, and inadvertently exited out without saving. I had not yet saved the workbook yet, so it was just 'Book1', for which there appears to be an autorecover exception in Excel. Is there anyway to still extract this file - I was thinking that knowing Microsoft, it is...

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