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    Merge and Rename Worksheets Based on Matching Cell Values

    Good morning, I have excel files in directories that I need to rename based on the value in specific cells in each worksheet and need help with a macro code to achieve this. I would like the macro to loop through the folders and rename each file based on the value it finds in the indicated...
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    VBA Batch File Renaming

    Hello, I am attempting to batch rename files using the following macro created in VBA: Sub RenameFile() Dim z As String Dim s As String Dim V As Integer Dim TotalRow As Integer TotalRow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count For V = 1 To TotalRow...
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    VBA - Iteration to copy & rename files in folder

    I have about 30 files to copy to a new folder & rename the files with the date format ddmmyyyy added at the end of the filename before the Ext identifier ie filename.doc? to filename ddmmyyyy.doc? (I also need to modify actual files and want to do this via a macro iteration but one step at a...
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    Folder & File Reorganization - Error 13 Mismatch

    I was trying to help my HR department out real quick with a folder reorg/rename project. My code below works great for all of the pdf files, bur errors out with Microsoft files. Yes, it is a very brute force method, but the idea was a one-time use... Any help would be appreciated. Option...
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    Rename files in multiple folders and copy to new folder

    For the last year I have been downloading cash register X1 and Z1 files onto an SD card. Each night's files (X1 & Z1) are stored in a new folder with the naming convention "RP + [DATE]", (EX: RP120910, [YYMMDD]). I have 265 folders!!!<br><br> I need to go through each folder, select the Z1 file...
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    File Renamer

    I found the following script which renames files, can someone please help with a script which will highlight each cell that wasn't changed as yellow. Sub ReName() Dim r As Range, msg As String For Each r In Range("a1", Range("a" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)) If (r.Value <> "") * (r.Offset(...
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    File replication/copy and find replace text/numbers within doc

    Hi , i have a word doc that i need to replicate/copy multiple times. I need only to change three numbers in the header of the word doc that will be supplied for the rest of the docs through an excel file with 3 columns holding the new set of numbers to be added to different cells in the word doc...
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    Rename Fils from Excel Spsheet?

    I have appx 25k files in several folders numericaly named ???.mp3 I have a corresponding excel spreadsheet which contains all the same number of filenames in the text version. How do I use the names in the excel spreadsheet and rename the files?? Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance

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