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    VBA Save As with User prompted to select folder path

    I have a macro that uses the GetSaveAsFilename which is fine except it makes the user type in the file name to save the file. The issue is people mistype the file name which messes up other macros down the line. The file name never changes but the folder location does so the user needs to be...
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    get current workbook path for Application.GetSaveAsFilename vba

    I have code below to save my workbook file as WriteResPassword, but is there any way to get current workbook's path in the interface from Application.GetSaveAsFilename? For now saving as interface displays document folder, so it requires 5-10 more clicks to get where I wanted. Sub...
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    VBA Saved csv is retaining the Control Buttons - Not a "Real" csv file?

    Suggestions? I was rather surprised to open the csv file and see the control button's on the screen . . . Sub m_copy_save_close() Sheets("Start Page").Select Sheets("Start Page").Copy Dim fname fname = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(InitialFileName:="AtHoc_SP_", fileFilter:="Excel...
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    File to save with name as per cell values

    Greetings, I need help with the following - is there any way to have a VBA code to save an excel file with name that is combination of values in two cells? Example: On a particular spreadsheet, lets call it "spreadsheet1" I have the following values: A1 = 23456 A2 = 01 I would like to be...
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    Using SaveAs but keeping updated information in original

    I have a master file that will have a transaction number generated, data will be entered by the user and lookups will be performed on the data they enter. The file is then going to be saved in a named folder using the transaction number generated as the file name.xls. The transaction number is...
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    How to prompt for "Save As"

    At the end of the macro I want the macro to perform a File Save As - and have the user pick the location and name of the file.

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