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    Saving AutoRecover file

    Whenever Excel crashes and recovers the file I'm working on, I am not able to save it over the original file and have to give it a new name. I'm told that the file cannot be accessed and that it may be open by another process. Is this something unique to network environments?
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    Save File Annoyances (Date and Macro Free)

    I have two annoyances in the macro below. The first is, I would like to append todays date at the end of the filename (mm-dd-yyyy). Everywhere I look online, I see a Format (Now or DateTime.Now). Whenever I run the command, I get a "Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment"...
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    Using SaveAs but keeping updated information in original

    I have a master file that will have a transaction number generated, data will be entered by the user and lookups will be performed on the data they enter. The file is then going to be saved in a named folder using the transaction number generated as the file name.xls. The transaction number is...
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    Saving to both PDF and XLS with unique names

    Hi I'm working on a report which requires me to do the following from a 'master' worksheet, data in each row is unique to each recipient, but cell A1, B1, C1, etc defines their "customer number". Data in each row will be copied / used in an invoice and each invoice needs to be saved with a...

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