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    Save As Macro Not Working 100% of Time

    Hi, I pieced together the following macro to save documents I am working on to one folder and just use the company name listed in cell A4. Every 5th or 6th time I hit the macro the file does not save as an excel file but rather as an unrecognized file type - any idea what I could do to fix...
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    Folder & File Reorganization - Error 13 Mismatch

    I was trying to help my HR department out real quick with a folder reorg/rename project. My code below works great for all of the pdf files, bur errors out with Microsoft files. Yes, it is a very brute force method, but the idea was a one-time use... Any help would be appreciated. Option...
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    Force Save As a File Type

    Hi. I am trying to force the users of an excel file to Save it as a macro enabled workbook. I can do this fine. However, I still want the ability to be able to edit the template. So I need a way to either only allow me to save it as a template or simply to force users to save it as either a...
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    Checking file type

    On a template that is used monthly, on Workbook_Open() a message alerts the user how to name the file and where to place it when saving it, then the macro deletes itself. Problem is, if the template is opened for modifications the macro runs and deletes itself. How would I check to see if the...

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