1. S

    Duplicate file (filecopy) for certain number of times

    Hello, I have a formula that renames files named in column A, for column B, in a given folder. I'm trying to modify this formula, so that instead of using rename, it just duplicates files (filecopy) that are in column A, by the number of times that are in column B, on the same line. I would also...
  2. L

    Userform with path to sharepoint and copy pdf file to my folder

    Hello, I've got an issue with FIleCopy command in VBA. I always used this when i wanted to copy/paste some file from one folder to another. (but it was local or based on the server). Unfortunately at that moment i have to wokr with onedrive solution. I need to build some file (or rather wanna...
  3. O

    FileCopy based on cell reference and loop

    I'm a novice at all of this and have no formal education in coding. I use google and do my best to cobble things together, but I've hit a wall which I will describe below. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I work as an academic advisor in higher education, and for each new...
  4. A

    Copy and rename a file with partial name start and end name

    Hello all, I typically move a number of files using VBA using very simple code (sometimes its FileCopy instead of NameAS): Name Sheets(2).Range("F26").Value As Sheets(2).Range("F27").Value The cells values that the code references typically look like this...
  5. Z

    Fastest way to put files in a network folder / saveas or filecopy?

    I want to save Excel files in both the local drive and in the network folder. Currently I am doing it with SaveAs (local) and another SaveAs (network), is it faster to do a SaveAs then FileCopy? Code below: Sub SaveAs() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim ws_console As Worksheet Dim...
  6. M

    Copy Single file to multiple destination in easy way...?

    Hi, I want to backup my log workbook to multiple locations. How can i do it in simple way.? right now i only back to one location and here is my code. I am not a programmer but by seeing different posts i created this "sub". Sub BackupTaskInfo() FileCopy "X:\Startup\Tasks Info_2018.xlsx"...
  7. M

    FileCopy Error 52 Bad File name or number

    I'm trying to do something that I thought was straight forward. I'm trying to move and rename a file from one folder to another. After doing the Google search I found: Sub Move_Rename_One_File() 'You can change the path and file name Name "C:\Users\Ron\SourceFolder\Test.xls" As...
  8. N

    VBA to loop through a range and copy documents based on variables.

    Hi, I've referred to this site numerous times over the years and it has been very helpful so firstly I would like to say thanks. Generally I've not needed to post a question before as I have generally been able to use the information in the various posts to figure out what I have needed to do...
  9. P

    vba wildcard - FileCopy

    Hi I'm using the FileCopy function to copy files from one location to another. I would like to change slightly so that I can use a wildcard For example: \\homedrivestmp\homedisk1\saery\Desktop\test250118.xlsx Rather than specify the file name as above, I would like to target files where the...
  10. D

    Copy file and paste file with filename stored as variable VBA

    Afternoon All, I am trying to copy a file from one location to another. Just use FileCopy right? Well urmm no? The issue I have is that the file that is copied changes and therefore its name address and extension can change. Its full address is saved as a variable. I am trying to paste it in a...
  11. A

    Keep GetOpenFilename in memory while adding a link and performing a copy/paste to SharePoint with appended filename

    Hello folks, This should be an interesting topic. I did research and managed to create a series of Subs that Upon double-click in a column cell Prompted Application.GetOpenFilename (opening a file explorer window) Applied full file-path in the cell as a hyperlink...
  12. B

    Filecopy For transfering files

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if the macro continues when you use filecopy or does the macro wait for the file to finish copying before moving on to the next line of code?
  13. E

    Copy file that is open

    Dears, Do you know How to copy file in VBA if the file is open? FileCopy doesn't work Have a good day. Piotr
  14. V

    VBA Copyfile with admin rights

    Hi all I have a simple line of code that doesnt work because I meed admin rights to place file there. Anyone able to help me to resolve please? File location to copy from:C:\Users\User1\Documents\Work\ Destination path: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup Code...
  15. M

    "Bad file name or number" when FileCopy

    A1 has some Chinese text When I change the text in A1 to English it works fine It doesn't work with the Chinese text How do I fix this?
  16. D

    Loop to copy files and deposit into another location

    In an answer to a previous post, AlphaFrog gave me the following code that allowed me to loop through subfolders called 'Pricing' and change data in a cell in the one file in that folder. What I'm trying to do now is instead of manipulating the contents of the excel file, I'm trying to copy...
  17. J

    Excel (2007) VBA - Filecopy only files listed in an excel sheet to different specified folder path

    Good Morning! I have an upload sheet which contains the following Column A will contain either Y or N, Y if the file is to be copied upon run macro or N, if needs to be ignored Column B - path and file name to be copied Column C - destination path I've been trying to figure out how to code...
  18. M

    Copy hyperlink content (.pdf) to a destination folder

    Hi! I have a sheet with several hyperlinked documents. With using a filter function I can get a list of documents that I want to print out. So I need a macro to look at each hyperlink and find the filepath and name, copy the file to a destination folder like C:\test\ There is something with...

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