fill cells

  1. M

    Fill down - dynamic range

    Hi I'd like to use VBA to fill down a formula to a range of cells that will vary. The formula will always be filled in column B, but the number of rows will vary, depending on how much data has been imported. In the simple example below (where cell A1 has the title "Variables" and cells A2...
  2. V

    Borders Around Cell Fill Down

    This forum has been wonderful helping me learn about macros and vba. I come back to the group to see if I can get assistance on how to fill down a border to the last row. On a pre-designed template with the All Borders around each cell beginning row 6 - row 27 to column H. My macro brings data...
  3. B

    VBA - changing references for formula based on a given criteria

    Dear All, I am struggling with this issue for a while. I have to build a macro that changes formulas references according to a given set of criteria (basically moving the reference if it refers to external factor and staying at the previous year if it internal) <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1...

    How to fill down with data from multiple rows

    I want . . . A1 = Sun (day of week) B1 = 01-01-17 (date) A2 = Mon B2 = 01-02-17 (=B2+1) . . etc . . A365 = Sun B365 = 12-31-17 (=B364+1) Is there a way to fill/down 7 cells (A1 thru A7) down thru A365 w/o having to copy/past 52 weeks, 1 at a time?
  5. D

    Command Button, Fill Command (Disjointed Cell References)

    I have a 52x52 matrix of cells that I use as a visual aid. Part 1: I want each of 52 Command Buttons to "Fill" a disjointed series of cells with a specific color. For example, when I "Click" "Command Button 1", I wanted cells: =A1, B2, D3:D8, J8 to change from RGB(242,242,242) to RGB(237...
  6. K

    How to fill cell color based on more then 50 values (different color for each value)

    Hi experts, I will be thankful for my excel experts if they could help me to make a function mentioned in figure below, Scene is that i have a color chart, And each color has a unique numeric id, What I want is that when I type a color id “for example 1 or 2 or 3” in a cell, it should be filed...
  7. J

    % Attainmnet Cell Color Cange

    I would like to set a cell to automatically change to a custom color when a number range is reached for comissions tracking. Example Quota: C12 = 100 (desired Number in D12 is 0 or lower) Gap: D12 = Formula used [=sum(C12-I15)] Items Sold: I15 = items sold I would like to use 3 custom...
  8. Prevost

    Filling Series with non-sequential cell references

    Hi There. I have data that is taken once every 15 minutes, starting on the hour. I want to turn that into 1 minute interval data using just those 4 values. So for example, if temperature X is taken at 1:00 PM, then 1:01 PM = X, 1:02 PM = X and so on until 1:15 PM when a new temperature is...
  9. L

    Complete several cells based on single-cell entry

    I am really new to VBA and I am trying to set up a spreadsheet for lab observations but I'm stuck. I have a series of drop-down menus incorporated into the sheet but I need something so that if "Normal" is selected in column C, then the rest of the cells in that row from columns D to G (range...
  10. J

    How to automatically fill in an average between two points . But only fill in the average when there is a blank cell

    Hi , i have some data that i am trying to extend i have got to the stage where i can insert a new row between all of my data sets i would now like to be able to fill in the average between the above and below cell. So in the example below i have time and distance . In both columns i like...
  11. A

    help creating a seating chart

    Hello, I was wondering if someone knew a way I could create a seating chart that fills x number of cells based on values from another sheet.. Using Excel 2003. Example sheet 1 would have class names and sizes. then sheet 2 would fill in the cells based on the class size. Example sheet...
  12. S

    How to fill series in a pattern ?

    Column A contains a list of usernames, emails, account numbers, etc. I want to extract only the username and the respective email and put them is separate columns (C & D). So I entered the following formulas manually in C & D for the first 4 rows. I'm trying to autofill the cell addresses in...
  13. J

    Streamline My Script

    I use the following script a lot and get hassled for using it as it contains select etc... Can anyone help streamline it so that it is more efficient. Sub Test3() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.Calculation = xlManual Columns("O:O").Select Selection.NumberFormat =...

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