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    Work tools - More Simple the Better

    Hi everyone! I am an Excel novice looking to use it for a a few simple (I think...) tricks. #1 - There is an excel spreadsheet listing all employee names. I need something to pop up when the sheet is opened to remind us which employees are ready to choose benefits. Benefits are always due on...
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    typing in a row and have another row fill in automatically from another workbook

    I'm new to using Excel expressions. Please tell me (step by step)please, how you can type in a row in one spreadsheet and it also fill in another cell from another workbook. The first spreadsheet has several rows. I only want 3 specific ones on the other workbook. See below: <tbody> Last...
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    Output information of a form.

    Hey there! Been searching the web for a while now.. but can't find it.. So this is my last hope! I made a form for my work. Where people can fill in their Ideas. There are around 30 people that can fill in their ideas but everytime somebody fills in an idea. The information that was filled...
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    Combining two spreadsheets into a third

    Okay, I've been pounding my head against this one for eons, so I now come to you, masters of all things Excel, begging for assistance! I have two spreadsheets, one far larger and more complete than the other. There are multiple columns that overlap between the two. What I need to do is...
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    Simple macro placing value in cell based on values in other cells

    I have a list of data in four columns (multiple rows), e.g., 1 2 3 4 I inserted 2 additional columns after the data to categorize the data according to specific customer feedback, e.g., 5 6 I am trying to create a macro that takes the original 4 columns of data...

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