1. N

    Conditional Formatting 4 Color Scale

    Hello everyone, I have data like this 12 23 35 44 45 6 3 9 I would like the show them: highest one filling red lowest one filling green 2nd highest one filling yellow 3nd highest one filling blue is that possible? The...
  2. L

    Conditional Formatting

    Hi, Trying to colour a cell on one sheet if the reference number entered already appears on another sheet. Googled various options as it keeps filling the cell above instead... The rule I tried is =MATCH($A2,'DNA No Support & WD Pre Census'!A:A,0) Thanks.
  3. K

    ComboBox Filling

    Dear Sir, How to fill combobox with values from another workbook in VBA Regards
  4. M

    Filling data from Sheet1 to Sheet2 with two or more conditions.

    Greeting, First of all, thank you very much for such a site and it has been so helpful for me. Problem: so I'm doing an almost daily task which I couldn't do it by macros, I'll explain it by an example; For example, let's say that here I have the following table in Sheet1: Order No Color S M L...
  5. M

    filling blank cell with value to the left

    Hello. I see where I can fill an empty cell with the value above or below but how about the cell to the left? Thanks
  6. F

    straight down order for automatically filling

    Hi everyone, I want an order straight down for automatically filling in excel. Like this: '=INDEX(Sheet2!$1:$1,(COLUMNS($A:A)-1)*2+1) &", "& INDEX(Sheet2!$2:$2,COLUMNS($A:A)*2)' '=INDEX(Sheet2!$2:$2,(COLUMNS($A:A)-1)*2+1) &", "& INDEX(Sheet2!$2:$2,COLUMNS($A:A)*2)'...
  7. JazzSP8

    AutoFill Range Syntax with Variable?

    Hey All Can't seem to work out the correct method for this. I want to select and then Autofill a set of Formulas but no matter what I try I keep getting an Error :( This is what I started with that I thought would work; Range(Cells(j, "E"), Cells(j, "G")).Select Selection.AutoFill...
  8. F

    Hide a row when detect any value in a row

    Hi , I would like to hide some row that doesn't have any value for each cell within a row, here below sample table : <tbody> Items / Stocks Nov Dec Jan Feb Office Desk 3 pcs 6 pcs 10 pcs Office Chair 20 pcs 40 pcs 10 pcs 80 pcs Printer fax machine 3 pcs filling cabinet...
  9. K

    copy macro text out of a closed workbook?

    This is embarrassing... I have a modified ridiculously large spreadsheet that someone else built pulling data from all sorts of weird locations. i did not save a backup copy.... now the file will not open and get's stuck at the filling cells part of opening. i wonder if there is a way for...
  10. L

    Power Query to Unpivot Single Header Field

    I have a header row in a single field in column 1 in the following format: Scenario: Actual Year: 2018 Period: Jan Value: <(Entity)> Below this I have my normal data columns. How can I unpivot this single top header field so that I have just the Year (2018) filling down one column and the...
  11. J

    vlookup first value based on two criteria without changing column order

    Hi There, I'm having some real trouble with what is the best way to do this: In column J I want to return the value in column C based upon criteria in B and D. This is the formula I have been using in J1: =(IF(D:D = "filling",VLOOKUP(I4,B:D,2,0),"")) <colgroup><col width="64" span="9"...
  12. S

    Row(s)/cell(s) automatically will be locked after filling colors

    Have a good day everyone! Problem : Row(s)/cell(s) automatically will be locked after filling colors I know this may sounds like a broken record , but i can't find previous thread about my excel problem. Can someone help me please..thank you in advance.
  13. W

    Stumped - filling date with text in cell

    I am making a payroll reporting worksheet and want the top of each column to have "WE" and the date of every other Friday in the cell. i.e. <tbody> WE 09/11/15 WE 09/25/15 WE 10/09/15 </tbody> My problem is how can do I get the date to fill every other week when I drag it out? I have...
  14. S

    Autofilling values UPWARDS

    Hi! Does anyone have a solution on how to fill a value upwards until a new value appears? (and then repeating the procedure after the new value) I know this can be done downwards with "find -> blanks, entering a formula and then ctrl+enter" but I cant figure out how to make it work upwards...

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