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    VBA to select filter criteria without deselecting current criteria

    Hi guys, I currently have a sheet with a column that has different filterable criteria (eg Education, How to, Gaming, Style, Film) I recorded a macro to filter by the criteria 'Film' - however I dont know how to make it so that if I make another macro for 'Gaming', it will not deselect...
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    is they a way to index match more than once?

    Hi Everyone, I'm try to make a list based on a name selected I'm getting stuck so please help if you can Column A has names in it Repeated lots of time with column be having interests, <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 nAME Interests Sub Chosen Name Unique List G is what i'm...
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    Macro: Hide/Show rows based on cell values

    Hello everyone. I am quite new to this aspect of Excel and I have been surfing for quite some time on Google and on this forum, on the subject. My problem is that I can't find topic that is of use to me, with my level of knowledge on this field. My problem, is to me, quite simpel: I would...
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    Video Timecode Functions VBA

    I've been trying to create some VBA functions to calculate timecode entries. Timecode is represented in the format: hh:mm:ss:ff Where hh = hours, mm = minutes, ss = seconds, and ff=frames I am dealing with video that runs at 30 frames per second, so possible values for ff are 0 to 29. In...

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