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    Copying data from one column in multiple worksheets

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and VBA in general, just started using it a couple of weeks ago and am having trouble trying to write a code for something I am looking to automate. Basically, I need some help with copying data from a few worksheets in a workbook to another worksheet in the same...
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    Advanced Filter Help - I DARE YOU TO SOLVE THIS ONE!

    Hi guys and girls, sorry for the re-post but I just figured out how to share my file on Windows SkyDrive.!102 In the attachment you will find a list of products named "list." The first column is the product...
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    HELP!! My Job Depends on it!

    :eeek: I have a HUGE spreadsheet that lists every transaction ever done by my company since 2000 (31000+ line items). I have been asked to find out the minimum and maximum price for each part # repaired. Many of them have been repaired more than once and many have a dollar amount of $0.00 which...
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    how to filter to KEEP duplicate records

    Hi, I have a sorted column. I want to remove all singletons from this list, and keep duplicates (and triplicates, quadruplicates, etc). How can I achieve this? (VBA method is fine - I'm looking for either something already built into Excel, or something efficient if done in VBA) Thanks!

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