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    Extracting data from pivot tables for Mont day and Year

    Good day everyone I am trying to exctract data (profit) from my pivot tables for a daily amount, month to date amount and finally for the year to date amount. This is for various portfolios which then builds up into relationships (I need this info per portfolio and relationship ie daily...
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    Automatic Update of Filtered Data?

    First I want to say thank you for everyone on here. I am not new to excel, but I am new to what it can actually do. From reading the posts on here I have learned a lot about how powerful excel really is. I have been creating a spreadsheet that enables engineering to sort thru a large amount of...
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    Supressing worksheet jumping

    I have created a macro to go to 5 worksheets and update filters on each sheet. I did this via recording mouse clicks. As I expected, when I run the macro it jumps to each worksheet and back to a cell on my starting worksheet. Is there a way to set this up to updated the filters without having...

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