1. J

    How to determine filters when FilterMode, not AutoFilterMode, is true

    I'm trying to write code to get filtering information for a worksheet. There are, of course, two possibilities: After auto-filtering with the drop-down arrows, WS.AutoFilterMode is True, and I can enumerate the AutoFilter.Filters collection. After an Advanced-Filter operation, WS.FilterMode is...
  2. Default300

    FilterMode: Change of Mode (On/Off): How To Detect Event?

    Preamble: As with one of my previous posts, this has turned from a question into a tip, as I think I just found the answer while posting! (I'm using Excel 2003 today at home; but have not yet tested it on 2002, which I have at work). Scenario: I have a Worksheet with Autofilter enabled. It...

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