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    Excel.. How to solve this ( Maths) in Excel ( FINANCIAL )

    Hi Friends, I need your help. I am learning excel and i have a excel file with few instructions. Can any one able to solve this, & understand me - how we will solve it. it will be a great help. Please find the attached excel(Math-Finance file). I tried to solve but I am not sure ,what i did...
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    Sensitivity Analysis

    Hey everyone, I have two difficulties to finalize my Sensitivity Analysis and hope that someone can help me out. This is my simplified basis table: <tbody> Income Statement Forecast NET SALES 4907,7 Number of Stores 368 Net Sales per Store 13,3 Cost...
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    Running totals based on single RTD cells updating.

    Hi. Please forgive my inexperience - first post. Im using RTD to pull in financial data from a stock simulator. My objective is to calculate Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) on a continual basis every time a trade occurs. VWAP = (Cumulative(Last price * Last volume) / cumulative Volume)...
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    2007 - Formula for Calculating Interest due on given date with principal & AER

    Hi all, first post here though I've read thousands. I want to know what formula to use to calculate interest due on a loan on any particular date, where the rate is quoted as an AER (or Effective rate) and the interest is calculated (and compounded) daily (assuming no repayments made for this...
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    Formula with Multiple Variables - help please

    Need help with a formula on excel that I can't seem to get. Basically I trying to create a formula where the monthly interest payment is automatically calculated based in what range the monthly billing falls into, as well as what type payment it is (E33). But I have several variables. Is this...
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    Financial formulas: Macro to calculate Williams %R

    I am working on this project which needs to calculate Williams %R momentm indicator and then draw a bar chart for the result. I am just not able to get started. any help on this will be really appreciated.
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    Math behind FV formula

    I often use the following formula to find outstanding balance on a loan: =FV ((i,periods,pmt,-pv). Does anyone know what the math is behind it? I know that the FV factor is ((1 + i/12)^periods) - 1......but I haven't been able to figure out how to use this to create a long hand formula. Also...

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