find and delete rows

  1. B

    Delete Row if cell contains text

    I have found several difference renditions close to what I am trying to do but it isn't working, so I figured it was time to ask. I have a text file that I am importing into Excel. It then has approximately 100,000 lines and much of it is useless, and needs to be reduced. I use import manager...
  2. I

    Remove multiple entries to duplicates in column A but leave max and min values of column B

    Hi! I need a macro that can find multiple identical values in column A, then find the min and max values of column B and delete all other rows. Example: A worker comes to work and registers at 7:55, at 11:00 he registers for lunch and comes back 30min later. At 16:05 he leaves work and all I...
  3. C

    Find first observance of a cell value and delete row

    I have a a very large time series spreadsheet with many observed values of many variables. For each variable, I want to find and delete the first observation. It looks something like this A * (x) A * A * B * (x) B * B * C * (x) C * C * Each letter is one variable and each * is an observation...
  4. M

    Find/Delete macro stopped working

    I have a macro that searches through data and finds the word TEST in column A then deletes the entire row (the test record). It worked fine for months but recently has stopped working. Nothing has changed. I cannot figure out why it is not working. Below is the code and a sample of the data...
  5. T

    select and remove multiple rows based on content

    I have a simple request, but it is difficult to code. I am using Excel 2010 and I have a single sheet spreadsheet. What I need to do is find every instance of a piece of text ("Tape") in a column on the spreadsheet and delete the row that this text appears in. The text is on it's own (so is not...
  6. R

    Looking to Delete Rows in Sheet based on cells in another Sheet

    Hello, I am looking for help with a macro, or a entirely new macro. Here is my situation: I have a list of data (Sheet2) I have a list of terms in Sheet 1 that i need to delete the entire row from Sheet 2. The macro provided works but it seems to only delete the first time each of the terms...
  7. D

    Find and delete depending on answer to msgbox then continue loop

    Hello, I am trying to build a macro that will search a column for the word "TEST" and when it finds that word it needs to prompt the user with a YesNo message box (or something similar) if they would like to delete the entire row that contains TEST. If Yes is selected, it should delete the row...
  8. C

    Find info across worksheets and delete rows

    I hesitate to ask the question because I'm not sure if it's appropriate for this forum or resource. If it's not please let me know! Any info is GREATLY appreciated. I have information in Worksheet Alpha. I have similar information in Worksheet Beta. I need to find rows in Worksheet Beta...

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