find based on cell

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    VBA problem. Either really easy or well hard

    This problem may be easier to solve than describe, I hope so... anyway: I have data in 2 workbooks, call them book1.sheet1, and book2.sheet1. Book2 has very little data (at present only 4 rows, but this will be different each time the macro is run), book1 has roughly 780 rows. I need to:- 1/...
  2. L

    Search and highlight cells loop

    First time posting! I have found part of what I need but am having trouble completing the macro... I need a macro in excel that will loop through a large spreadsheet and highlight cells based on the contents of each cell in a column. For example, I need the macro to take the contents of A1...
  3. M

    Problem with particular vba Find code

    Hello everyone, I have a (quick) question which I hope someone can answer for me. I have already searched forums for answers but nothing seems to be giving me the correct answer. I have the following code which is supposed to allow me to find a value depending on what is set in another cell...
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    Lookup ID and Return Column Data to Form if Found - Code Tweak Needed

    This code works, well kindof. If it is looking for ID 74578, it returns the FIRST INSTANCE of that number (Like 7457899) instead of the ACTUAL unique number I want. How do I alter this code so it looks for the EXACT number? Private Sub RecordR_Click() 'prompts user 'prompts user Dim...
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    Macro Help - Loop through column, find a match for the left 1 or 2 digits, if match copy row beneath to row above

    I am trying to write code that does the following: I need to loop through column E for any values that start with "DW" or "3". If a cell starts with "DW" or "3", I would like to copy a range (K:X) in one row beneath the found cell and copy it up one row (row in which "DW" or "3" was found). I...
  6. K

    Insert pagebreak in row where a value matches value in A1

    I have a book with many sheets. In each sheet the case is the same. I have a value in A1, which will be found in 1 other A cell in unknown row. I want to insert a page break in the matching row. Let's say A1 value is: F342, I want to find the other F342, which happens to be (this time) in A349...
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    Find Based on Cell Contents

    I've been playing around with this rather excellent Find Function and the following sub. The sub kind of does what i want though it is too specific, basically i want to allow a user to put a figure into, say G1 then run the sub. This will search based upon what is in G1. Any idea how i modify it...

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