find method

  1. M

    VBA: Find and Group All Occurrences of Value, Run Sub, Move to Next Group

    Hi, I need some help getting started on a code. I have a range ("B4:B") of variables that are related by the first four characters (the year). Currently an input box will appear asking which year to run the code in, and the default value is based on the left four characters of the active cell...
  2. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Need to Add an If Statement to my Working Code - Add value if not found

    Hi Everyone, I am wrapping up a project and need a little help with adding an if statement to my code, not sure the best way to do this so was hoping for some help. Background Using the find method the code loops thru a list of values in sheet "DataSource" and when a value is matched on Sheet...
  3. J

    VBA Find Method Deselects Charts

    I'm using the following code in conjunction with an embedded chart to find the row where a specified value is located and use that value in a custom tooltip. The problem is that when this runs it deselects the chart and goes back to the last selected cell, and you have to click on the chart...
  4. B

    How do you get cell address of a match using Range.Find

    I just don't understand the Find method properly. I think. What I am looking for is the Row number at which point the Find method produces a match. The find method is inside a loop setting up a comparison between two ranges on separate sheets, my goal is to capture both the source row and the...
  5. B

    .Find refuses to find, stuborn child

    hello, first time posting and a new to excel this code fails {marked as bold type}and I don't know why. Used it a hundred times before. There is a lot of mismatch as my attempts to solve have been ongoing for three weeks.. ya desperation. so any help is more than appreciated. Option...
  6. T

    Variable type used in VBA Find method

    I'm using Excel 2013 with Windows 7. I have a user form with a text box named 'TextBox_SearchValue' that accepts a user entered search string. The form also has one button to begin the search. If I use the SearchStartLocation variable as an argument value for 'After:=' in my Find method (as in...
  7. T

    Find Value In Another Workbook VBA

    Hello everyone! I am trying to find the right solution and hope my experts can help me! What I need to do, is to reference the value in cell F3 of wkbk1 ("Metro2") and find the matching value in wkbk2 ("Preview Analysis"). From there I can add in the commands I would like carried out once...
  8. dmars

    Can't get Formula property value from within the Range.Find method

    What I'm trying to do is very simple - find all the formulas in a workbook that contain references for cells on sheets other than the current sheet and write the list of them to a sheet named "data". The basic logic of the code is also simple: find all the formulas containing "!" in the...
  9. A

    Object Required Error 424 on Find Method

    I'm trying to run a .find operation in VBA but keep getting Run-Time Error 424 = Object Required. What does that mean? Below is my code. If you can help me identify my error i'd appreciate it. Thanks, Note I've declared 'WorkOrder' as a Double type (it's a work order number with two digits...
  10. 2

    Help needed for FIND Method

    Hello Friends Could you please help me with the following: I am using "FIND" method for comparing two columns in 2 spreadsheets. So if cell value in sheet1 matches with cell value in sheet2 then copy multiple columns from sheet2 to sheet1 (similar to what VLOOKUP does but I need to return...
  11. G

    error message if nothing is found

    I found this very simple code find method but I need to have it give an error message when it cannot find what was entered into the input box. The message box should have an OK button that will return back to the input box so the user can try again. Sub FindMe()...
  12. F

    If statements based around Find results

    Hello, I am trying to create some if statements based around find method results. In essence, I am trying to find an exact term in sheet of data and then if it is found copy the data directly to the left of it as a variable and then post it on another sheet. If it doesn't find the exact...
  13. D

    Find Method Error

    Hello, i have the following piece of VBA code, enclosed at the bottom. I would like to search for a word in the whole row. If the word is found, i would like select and hide the row, if the word is not found, I would like to proceed with the next row. However, whenever the word is not found, I...
  14. KC Cat

    Cells.Find method with multiple "What" values

    Hello to all, I have a worksheet with IF statements that place different messages in cells if the user has not provided enough information, or incorrect information, etc. Here are the messages: Check % Complete Actual Missing Remaining Missing Zero Out Remaining ?? enter date Qty? I am...
  15. M

    Determining if a value exists in a column

    Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere, I couldn't find it. I'm trying to determine if a value in a named range in one worksheet exists in column A of another worksheet. If it does, I want to set up a warning message, if not, I need to copy and paste some data. I had most of it...
  16. E

    Find Method 256 Character Size Issue

    I hope someone can help with this as I've searched a while and can't find anything on this. I have the following function I found somewhere else to use the .Find method to locate an item in a range. My usage is to use this to retrieve the row number of the match (if found) rather than a much...
  17. E

    FIND method not working; driving me crazy

    I have 3 sub procedures. automateK(), outline () and checkLabor (). I am beginning with automateK (). Within in automateK(), I am calling outline() then checkLabor(). I am getting through the first iteration of outline(), but I am getting stuck on checkLabor() when I try to use the FIND...

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