find multiple values

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    Find cells with specific value -> select row and copy some cells into another workbook

    Hi, i have tried to pull this out with partial codes, but without success. My file has in one column named "Diff", this cells have a formula inside. This formula gives me values. I'm searching for Zero values (there will be always several of those). If I identify a 0, than I need to copy 4...
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    Find values from and array

    Hi guys, I've thrown in the towel looking online for the answer. Im quite basic at this so would really appreciate some help on the below. I have this code that I found and it searches through data and deletes it when it finds a vlaue that I set. Without copying the code over and over again -...
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    Want To Find Many Words At a Time ,MultiSearch Function

    Hello All, I have my Search Query Report of Adwords with me ,it contains more than 5000 search queries and I have a list of around 20-30 words that I need to find in this list ,I want to find all search queries or data that contain a word given. Basically I want a multisearch function that...
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    Find multiple / replace adjacent?

    Do you know of a formula or VB code that I can tell it to find all instances of an assembly number ex. “10651457-011” and replace it’s build qty in the cell next to it? So far, I can use an input box to gather what assembly to look for and another input box to gather what I want the build qty...
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    Look for multiple values

    Hi there, I need vba code for when I press a button in sheet 1 (Look for balance,over,split) it will go through the sheet to find a balance split and over It needs to find all three of these items other wise a message box should appear stating please enter balance or please enter split or...

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