find replace

  1. S

    Advanced return values that don't match and highlight cells

    I'm looking for formulae that will compare Sheet1 and Sheet2, searching Sheet2 for cells that don't match columns C-E for the associated ID and Date (columns A & B) in Sheet1. Further, I'd like to highlight in Sheet1 whatever cells in columns C-E that don't have matches in that can be found in...
  2. L

    Find Partial Duplicate values in a column

    I have an annoying problem I never seem to solve properly and today I've had another bash at it and I still can't figure out the best way forward. The problem is I have a very large list of data that contains columns that have partial duplicates that I need to identify, and then turn into...
  3. D

    Find & Replace Font Color For Part of Text

    I have a workbook with 2 sheets. Sheet 1 cell A1 has a (black) text sting in it. Sheet 2 has two cells I'm working with, cells A1 and B1. The text stings in Sheet 2 cells A1 and B1 are also black. I'm trying to search the text string in Sheet 1 cell A1, see if it contains the text string from...
  4. E

    if multiple checkboxes are ticked then...

    Hi excel gurus, I hope all is well, I was wondering if someone could assist me with the following scenario: I have a number of worksheets in my workbook and I have created a userform whereby a user selects the worksheet name via a dropdown and the code runs to find and replace values for that...
  5. A

    vba find&replace

    Hi again, I have one more question :) Normally when you use excel function replace all withing sheet it will replace data just in your selection. But if you use replace all withing workbook it will change in whole sheet(s) - regardless on your selection. And now to the point - when you use...
  6. V

    Find and Replace Macro for Textbox from External Source

    Hello, I have a large chunk of text that I need to find and replace a bunch of different values within. I have one file with columns for the find and replace values. I'm setting up a text box in a separate file that I will paste the large chunk of text to search through. I need the macro to open...
  7. G

    Possible to find/replace text with a formula?

    I have multiple tabs with dozens of cells containing a year that had been hard coded as text. I'm trying to find replace that text with a formula that links to a cell on a separate tab used for updating the year for all of those cells in question. I'd like to replace '2015 for a formula that...
  8. R

    Find Replace across multiple sheets from a master file

    Hi everybody, i have a master file and a macro within it. japanese words and english words in columns D & E respectively I need to find and replace the words in another workbook (all sheets it has) by drag and drop the macro to it.. pls help in this to edit drag and run Here is the code i...
  9. J

    VBA Find/Replace Array Help - Almost there!

    I'm very close to being complete with this macro. This is a macro that opens and scans a PowerPoint selected by the user and replaces all American English words with their Queen's English counterparts. (Analyze -> Analyse, Labor -> Labour). Highlights and prompts the user before each replace...
  10. F

    "Find All" is showing wrong count

    I have a range of data, this data includes articles with HTML codes. Each cell have one article and a total of 200 articles therefore 200 cells. To explain in short, each cell have the word "<footer" in it. What I want to do is find the exact text "<footer" and replace it with, lets say any...
  11. A

    Want to repalce single keyword with multiple keyword with multiple versions ,Please help :)

    I have a keyword list in one coloumn and I want to replace a single keyword with the list of keywords separately to make a different versions of same ads for my adword campaign , E.g. Column A birbal story book birbal book akbar and birbal story books birbal story books birbal books...
  12. G

    Macro to find and replace text contents using the contents of other cells

    Sorry if the title is confusing, but let me try to explain what I am trying to do. In a data sheet I have 2 columns of data. a1=apples b1=a, a2=oranges b2=b. What I would like to do is run a macro on sheet 1 to find any instances of a1 from the data sheet and replace with b1 from the data...
  13. C

    File replication/copy and find replace text/numbers within doc

    Hi , i have a word doc that i need to replicate/copy multiple times. I need only to change three numbers in the header of the word doc that will be supplied for the rest of the docs through an excel file with 3 columns holding the new set of numbers to be added to different cells in the word doc...

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