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  1. lockarde

    Highlight specific text in cell

    Hello again all, I have a macro that builds a calendar and searches sheets for details, placing them within the calendar if dates match. Each calendar day is only one cell, and so if more than one detail needs to go into the calendar day, I have it combine the details, separated by chr(10)...
  2. M

    VBA - Delete a range of TEXT rows and move Numbers to preceding row

    Hi all, I am a newbie and I would appreciate if someone could help to correct my code that is intended to delete all rows of a worksheet, excluding the rows starting by"2018" and the rows with some numbers separated by comas. the datasheet is setup as csv within column A and starting in A1...
  3. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Set Lastrow based on specific text?

    Hi guys - working on a project to set some formulas to the lastrow. normally I would use the "Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row" type method because it works great for me. But for this worksheet I am unable to use this method so I spotted a column that defines the last row based on a cells text...
  4. S

    Find numbers and recurrence of a text in Word docs

    Hello, I have an excel sheet with a list of texts that I have to locate in a folder with multiple Word documents. What I want to obtain is, for every text, a report of the number of recurrences found for each documents and the page where the text is present. I was able to find a code to count...
  5. J

    Find Text and Resize Row -- Add multiple "Texts" to find (instead of 1)

    Hello, I am using the following code to loop through my worksheets and find the text "Method of Quoting:" -- once the value is found, it resizes the row to 100 as I need. I would also like to resize the "Source of Data:" row and the "Description:" row. Is there an easy way to add these two...
  6. V

    Macro- Delete 3 rows above and 14 below if cell contains text

    I would like a macro that will search for the following text phrases in column H and delete 3 rows above, the row the value is in and 14 rows after the value. "Pallet 1 of 0" "Pallet 2 of 0" "Pallet 3 of 0" "Pallet 2 of 1" "Pallet 3 of 1" "Pallet 3 of 2" I have tried several codes and I am not...
  7. E

    VBA worksheet change to scroll down to specific text

    Hi All I'm reasonalby fluent in excel but my vba knowledge is limited. I'm looking for some help with a code to scroll down to a specific title when a selection is made from a drop down list at the top of the page? looking to save a lot of scrolling and ctrl F time please help Cheers!
  8. S

    Find certain text in a column, then copy an paste that row to a new sheet.

    Hello all, I have a spreadsheet with actions/tasks on (basically, column A - Task, B - Priority, C - Status, D - Deadline, E - Due in (Days)) I'm looking for help with a macro that will search column C for the word "Complete", then copy that row to a new sheet which will show completed...
  9. L

    Im looking for a macro or formula to look for a value in a cell from a range in another sheet, then return a value 1 if found or 0 if not found.Then r

    I have raw data on a sheet called 'Data' imported from a CSV On the sheet 'Analysis' I would like to look for a value in column F, For example 'F3' which is "1.1.1Yes" Note :this is reference from another sheet within workbook (='20141031_CurriculumAthletics'!A3'). Therefore look for the...
  10. O

    How to find text from a column and then paste into other column

    Hi..I want to extract the SNORE from C and paste it to D. Please let me know, what is the formula? Also, I want SNORE will not appear in C after this. <tbody> SNORE SNORE SNORE SNORE?? SNORE?? SNORE?? SNORE?? SNORE Ex-SNORE? SNORE Ex-SNORE? SNORE Expiratory SNORE...
  11. D

    Trouble with identifying the Nth "-"

    Hey all, I'm translating a string characters: xzyxzyzxyy 8-22-60-5W6 zxyzxyyxzy zxyxzy 10-21-1-6 yxzyzyyxyzxyyzyxy yzxyxzyyxzyxzyxyzyx 6-20-111-5 yzx to: 08-22-060-05W6 10-21-001-06W6 06-20-111-05W6 And I was thinking of searching for the Nth "-" by using a FIND("-",A1,FIND("-",A1)+0) tied...
  12. D

    Find text and clear all text from cell

    Hi Guys & Girls, I have a spreadsheet that contains various many cells with text contained in them. I want to be able to find all cells that contain "P001" and clear the entire cell, not just the "P001". For example I might have 3 cells (see below), I would want a macro to clear the 2 cells...
  13. A

    VBA code to deal with Shift+Enter

    Hi, i am writing a code to find a text in a particular row in excel. The problem is that the text exists with Shift+Enter in it twice (manual line break). The text is "Ave Speed of Answer"; but entered like this: Ave Speed of Answer I have tried the following: ASA =...
  14. K

    Error Handler Not Working

    I've adapted a bit of code I found on the web to search for text in two adjacent columns where only numbers should be. It works fine when I test it. But now I want to check two more columns that are not contiguous with the first two columns I checked and so on for a total of three groups of two...
  15. A

    VBA equaivalent of worksheet functions

    Hi, new to using excel VBA and struggling... Is there a VBA equivalent to this formula? =IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("mytext",A3)),"good","bad") I have defined a range in VBA and need to create a VB module to do check the range for certain text and based on the result output the result to an offsett...
  16. A

    VBA equaivalent of worksheet functions

    Hi, new to using excel VBA and struggling... Is there a VBA equivalent to this formula? =IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("mytext",A3, 1)),"good","bad") I have defined a range in VBA and need to create a VB module to do check the range for certain text and based on the result output the true or false...
  17. R

    Finding string in worksheet

    Hi all At work we act as a mail sorting area. We get mail for many businesses and deal with it as either A) redirection, B) return to sender, or C) delivery to a business that actually exists. Currently, I have split each company name using text to columns with space as a delimiter. I did...
  18. B

    Linking cells question

    I am linking cells from one workbook to another. The issue I face is the table I am pulling from is part of a dashboard type screen so rows are being added and subtracted above the data I am trying to pull. For instance currently the data I need is B50:I55, but if rows are added it may be...

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